The definitive damask. Timeless, beautiful and elegant.

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Verdi is the ultimate range of damask for curtains and light upholstery, having been updated and perfected over the decades. The cloth has a rich, heavy handle and subtle contrast of colour and tone between the damask pattern and the background. Verdi graces many notable buildings (including a number of royal palaces and castles), and is a staple of the high-end interiors and antiques trade. The palette has been updated regularly, giving you the option of utterly classical and traditional or a contemporary twist with a cool grey or striking bold shade. For a classic, traditional style, try co-ordinating with the Balmoral Collection (Strata, Prelude, Imperial and Concorde) Available to order in full as a waterfall hanger; additionally the most recently updated colours are available as an add-on to your existing hanger.

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